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Database administrator (DBA)

Who is DBA

A database administrator (DBA) is the IT  technician responsible for directing and staging  all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment. The job profile of  DBA is do make  an organization’s databases and linked  applications work in more efficient and integrated way.

Importance of a DBA

Every organization these days uses database management system (DBMS)  system to store their enormous  data and perform critical operations on their vague data. So it is required to hire DBA to make sure that all their data is secured , properly managed and all the applications are working without any hindrance . hence it is requirement of every organization to hire a DBA for smooth functioning of the application. The whole database environment is managed by the DBA. The work  profile of DBA includes creating and proper implementation of Database strategy , proper data storage and access , providing security to the data and so on.

Work Atmosphere

Mostly DBA are backend operators as required in most of laboratories , offices  , universities and so on . one has to be computer proficient with good typing speed should be aware of general computer applications and bit of trouble shooting . Though it is considered as 8 hours jobs but these days it is possible to have the option of work from home as well .

Essential Skills

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to prioritize work
  • Knowledge of database theory
  • Knowledge of database design
  • Knowledge about the RDBMS itself, e.g. Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL
  • Knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)

Different DBA

Depending on the organization , scope of data and quantity of data the DBA can be of any of the following types or can be a combination of more than one type .
  • System DBA:
    Job profile of System DBA includes : proper installation of DBMS , aware of latest versions : its advantages and drawbacks Configuring the OS settings as per requirement of the DBMS , setting system parameters , installing the required application tools and patches .
  • Database Analyst:
    Job profile of Database Analyst includes : database development and modification , data storage , data design , implement secure error free system,organize data , perform statistics on data and so on
  • Database Architect:
    Work profile includes : to develop and implement new databases. Setting standards for database operations, programming, query processes, and security. Building data models for warehouse infrastructure and workflow. Integrate new systems with existing warehouse structure and improve system performance and functionality.
  • Task-Oriented DBA:
    As the name suggests these DBA focus on a particular DBA task. They are specially hired by large organizations. For example consider a DBA for backup purpose. Such administrator ensure that the database is maintained properly for backup and recovery of data .
  • Data Warehouse Administrator:
    Most organization these days have data warehouse on which data mining task is performed ie to have in depth statistics and analysis of data . he should be aware of the new trends such as Business intelligence tools (BI) , OLTP , ETL skills which will help him to generate knowledge out of the raw data .
  • Application DBA:
    These DBA focus on a particular application or if the application is huge then just a part of whole application . they have to give continuous support and manage the application . they should be able to design , model , create the application and debug it . so such DBA are expert in writing complicated queries .

Database Administrator Eligibility

Educational Qualification
A Bachelor / Master degree in information technology ,computer science, information science, or a related field and /or certification in Database Administrator

Tips to be DBA
  • Develop interest in mathematics , statistics
  • Bachelor degree / masters degree in Computer related field
  • Focus on subjects like MySQL , Pl/SQL ,SQL ,Oracle ie related to DBMS
  • Do certification courses to add icing to cake

Initiative by Rahul Education

With the aim to make our IT students prepare for the course at college level itself and take DBA as their career Rahul Education has come up with unique course on DBA. The key highlights of the course :
  • Designed by industry experts thus making it compatible with the demands of industry requirements.
  • Make the students hands on work experience
  • Make the students well informed with the industry developments
  • Involves internship to gain valuable work experience .
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