Infosys Springboard



With the aim to empower students , teachers , communities with technical and other emerging skills to make them efficacious for the 21 century , Infosys has come up with Springboard program which provides a digital learning platform for all . This program is led by a dedicated team of experts collaborating globally with the Infosys Education Training and Assessment (ETA) team, curriculum partners, non-profits and a global network of leading educational institutions.

Infosys Springboard Project

Comprehensive digital literacy program.
  • 3,800+ free courses available.
  • Micro sites for college to organize content for their students.
  • Content creation and hosting facilities to colleges.
  • Internship.
  • Available on website and mobile app as well.
  • Facilities for faculties o Courses related to Teaching skills, soft skills and current technological trends.

Course Areas

  • Digital basic
    • Basic IT skills
    • Data management
  • Digital soft skills
    • Analytical ability
    • Learning and innovation
  • Digital Tech trends
    • Blockchains
    • Cyber security
  • Infosys internal
    • Information system
    • Training
  • Marketing
    • Experiential showcase
    • Services – API economy
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