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Programme Outcomes of B.Com.

PO 1: Academic Progression & Knowledge: The learner will be able to make smooth progression to professional courses like Chartered Accountancy, Master of Business Administration, Company Secretary and Law, as well as academic programmes like Masters in Commerce and Economics.
PO 2: Self-directed and Life-long Learning: The learner will be ready to enter the corporate sector in the areas of finance, marketing and sales, travel and tourism and other related areas.
PO 3: Effective Communication: The learner will possess good communication skills and will be able to effectively communicate through conventional and electronic media.
PO 4: Project management and finance: The learner will have fundamental knowledge and skills in the area of entrepreneurship and will be able to venture into entrepreneurship as a career option if she/he chooses to.
PO 5: Social Interaction: The learner will be able to meaningfully engage in inter personal and group social interactions through discussions, opinion formation and negotiations. The learner will be able to manage people and organize events and activities with high degree of proficiency.
PO 6: Environment and Sustainability: The learners will be aware of the environmental and ecological challenges faced by society and will have knowledge about environmental management. Learners will be familiar with the significance of environmental ethics in relation to business entities.
PO 7: Effective Citizenship: The learner will have exposure to societal problems and will be empathetic to them. She/he will be informed and aware about the rights and duties of citizens and will be ready to engage in meaningful civic life.
PO 8: Critical Thinking: The learner will be able to critically analyses problems and situations from wide ranging areas like business and corporate sector, economy, society, ecology and environment.
PO 9: Modern tool usage: The learner will be aware of how to use technology for enhancing learning. She/he will be aware of how to make responsible use of technology and social media in communication, discussion forums, forming meaningful communities, participating in social activities and dissemination of knowledge.
PO 10: Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the commercial practice.
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