DLLE Committee

Overview Of Committee (Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension)

  1. The Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension (D.L.L.E.) was established on October 12, 1978.
  2. It has been recognized as a statutory department.
  3. DLLE is one of the authorities of the University of Mumbai, since 1994 to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the universities and the community.
  4. It is functioning under the Board for Lifelong Learning and Extension to create skilled and learned human power through its various degree level programs and skill development programs.
  5. Extension Education is a two-way process which visualizes mutual sharing of resources between the community and the University for the development of both the common man and students.
  6. This dimension also aims at sensitizing the students to socio-cultural activities.
  7. The DLLE supports the communities-based extension work activities in collaboration with its specific mandate to work for the less privileged society and our efforts are to extend educational programs that will enhance and improve quality of life of such groups with the central objective of “Reach to the Unreached”.
  8. The students of Degree college from the faculty of Arts, Commerce and Science are awarded 10 additional marks in the final exam on completion of 120 hours of work on the Extension Work Project.


The objectives of Lifelong Learning and Extension are outlined below for making education relevant to real life situations:

  • To serve as an intellectual intervention in the community’s living problems which need to be overcome through an educational process.
  • To develop among students a sense of responsibility towards society.
  • To design programs that will help students to face life and its challenges and thus create an ambience for a learning society.
  • To deepen the teachers’ and students’ knowledge through a wider exposure to real life situations through a variety of programs.
  • To prepare students for a greater social commitment.
  • To enhance student employability skills
  • To cater to the needs of the unreached for promoting knowledge-based society.

Committee Members :

Ms. Pavitra Acharya ( Convenor)
Mr. Devang Ashar(member)
Ms. Heena Shaikh (member)
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